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HELLO FRESHERS! We are Middlesbrough’s Numero Uno Saturday Nighto rock club! Two rooms of Punk V Metal, some live bands, some crazy cocktails in jam jars and jerry cans, we love to party and will love meeting you. Come and see us every Saturday at ATIK, above Spensleys Emporium, just opposite Boro Train Station. We open 11pm til 3.30am. CHEERS MUCH LOVE BYE XXX


[Boro’s best kept secret clubnight, plus 2 class bands… dead cheap]

Saturday nights up in ATIK have been home to Animals V Machines clubnight for years, a predominantly punk rock affair, which has recently flung open the doors on a new second room, which goes by the name of High Voltage. As you’d expect, things get heavy down there, with a crushing party mix of metal, hardcore and classic rock. So everything and anything from Slipknot to AC/DC!

Getting live and loud on the floor this night we have Boro’s BI:LINGUAL. The world tours, that infamous Warner Bros deal, that James Arthur twitter war, the money, the girls, the fame, the power. Despite being the Dan Bilzerian of the local music scene, the Bi:Lingual lads are keeping it real like Ian Beale and not forgetting their roots. Don’t miss this intimate gig, it’s Wembley after this! For Fans of all the R’s: Rap, Riffs, Rollercoasters and Rock Music. Don’t NOBODY mention Rage Against The Machine though yeah?

Opening the procedings are the fantastic ALLUSONDRUGS. Now, when Kerrang premiered their new video they got 293 Facebook likes from their fans. That’s about 290 more likes than your shitty band ever got for anything, even when you shared that photo of a pug dressed as Darth Vader. Only a year-ish into their lifespan and they’ve already supporting Sikth and The Hoosiers. No really. This band will be HUGE so come and give the Yorkshire lads a loving Teesside welcome, on stage (the floor) at 12midnight.

As with all Saturdays in ATIK, there’s two rooms of Punk / Rock DJs and some seriously entertaining bar deals all night long. Just £3.50 in before 12midnight, so don’t be late.

OH MAN WE LOVE WEEZER! This week sees the classic “Blue” album turn 20 years old so we’re gonna play that album IN FULL in our little Room 2, from about midnight, then play a fucktonne of Weezer classics too. The usual AVM Punk Party mix in Room 1, all kicking off from 11pm. Read all about it on the official Facebook event ere

annnnd on our Fanpage ere


You know your favorite album right… well your fave band recorded those songs, in that order, probably for a good reason, and by playing the record (not a 30second clip on your phone as a ringtone) you’re KINDA making a real life connection to that artist, or something.

So, we like records, we love record store day. We’re going to Sound It Out records in Stockton on the afternoon to pick up loads of class limited edition albums, then we’re gonna party in AVM til 4am!

Check out our fanpage later in the week for a chance to win albums by Masked Intruder, Against Me! and Decendents (On vinyl OBVS) - - AND we’re giving away a £20 voucher to spend at Sound it Out at this event ere :

Oh, and here’s our night time event! :

We bought an N64 for a dafty to plug into one of the TVs in ATIK, so you can play Mario Kart, Golden Eye and such stuff while you have a beer and enjoy some punk rock tune!

This replaces our old Sega for a while, but don’t worry we’ll bring Sega back in a bit!

Hopefully no one thinks we stole this idea. We certainly didnt invent it. But since putting Pac Man and Ataris into Empire at “Play” in 2006, to hosting Guitar Hero and Singstar Wars at Bad Med and Sumo… we’d like to continue our tradition of a bit of retro gaming at alt clubbing!

Don’t don’t be a sore loser and don’t steal our controllers. You Twats. Just kidding. Not really. Joke. (But stop stealing the controllers)


THIS SATURDAY : Pirate Party (cringe, but c’mon it’ll be a laugh!) & Win some Rum and shit party props.

NEXT SATURDAY : Console Carry On! & Win LOADS of Class Against Me! Vinyl and TShirts (!!!)

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