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You know your favorite album right… well your fave band recorded those songs, in that order, probably for a good reason, and by playing the record (not a 30second clip on your phone as a ringtone) you’re KINDA making a real life connection to that artist, or something.

So, we like records, we love record store day. We’re going to Sound It Out records in Stockton on the afternoon to pick up loads of class limited edition albums, then we’re gonna party in AVM til 4am!

Check out our fanpage later in the week for a chance to win albums by Masked Intruder, Against Me! and Decendents (On vinyl OBVS) - - AND we’re giving away a £20 voucher to spend at Sound it Out at this event ere :

Oh, and here’s our night time event! :

We bought an N64 for a dafty to plug into one of the TVs in ATIK, so you can play Mario Kart, Golden Eye and such stuff while you have a beer and enjoy some punk rock tune!

This replaces our old Sega for a while, but don’t worry we’ll bring Sega back in a bit!

Hopefully no one thinks we stole this idea. We certainly didnt invent it. But since putting Pac Man and Ataris into Empire at “Play” in 2006, to hosting Guitar Hero and Singstar Wars at Bad Med and Sumo… we’d like to continue our tradition of a bit of retro gaming at alt clubbing!

Don’t don’t be a sore loser and don’t steal our controllers. You Twats. Just kidding. Not really. Joke. (But stop stealing the controllers)


THIS SATURDAY : Pirate Party (cringe, but c’mon it’ll be a laugh!) & Win some Rum and shit party props.

NEXT SATURDAY : Console Carry On! & Win LOADS of Class Against Me! Vinyl and TShirts (!!!)


We are VERY excited about our Foam Party this Saturday! Some of you will also be buzzing right?! We bet some of you will be dreading it! 

Here’s our handy guide to a foam party… AVM Style! 

> OUR FOAM CANNON is the best in the bizniz, its the highest grade (nicest) foam you can get so it does NOT wreck your clothes, it wont sting your eyes, its totally natural, water based and hypoallergenic. 

> THEY CALL IT DRY FOAM because its really weird and it just kinda sits on your clothes. You WILL get a LITTLE bit wet if you get stuck right in a have a good mosh it. Which of course is the idea…

> BUT I HATE FOAM ME! Well, you can bypass the foam completely and get yourself up into Atik for a foam-free super-dry night of rock.

> WHAT ELSE YOU GOT?! We’ve got a zillion balloons, some awesome custom cupcakes, brand new T-Shirts available, a massive birthday cake, pyrotechnics and flutterfetti cannons!

> WHY YOU OPEN EARLY? 10pm : Coz the nice chaps at Spensleys have agreed to a bonkers drinks deal where you get A Bottle of Bud, a Jagerbomb AND a shot of Sourz.. .ALL FOR THREE QUID! Probably deal of the decade huh? Only til 11pm though…


Open 10pm

Happy Hour til 11pm

License to Party til 4.30am (!!!)

3 Rooms - Punk / Metal / Chill

1 Foam Room

2 Dry Rooms

Tonnes of Birthday shit


Love, and Exclamation Marks, Team AVM x


ATTENTION! The AVM 3rd Birthday Party Program…

> FOAM PARTY!!! - we’ve begged the venue for years to let us have a foam party. they finally gave in! We’ve hired a f**king massive foam cannon to fill Spensleys Emporium to the brim with fluffy foam for you all the mosh in.

> £3 FOR 3 DRINKS!!! - We have a happy hour from 10pm (don’t be late) til 11pm where we’ll sort you a Sourz, a Jargerbomb AND a bottle of Bud, all for just £3!

> FULL BUILDING PARTY!!! - Rather than just hide up in “Atik” all night, we’ve commandeered every room of Spensleys Emprium, The Lounge AND Atik for a massive 3 room, 3 floor mega beast of a party.

> ROOM ONE - Dani Jones plays Pop Punk, Party Anthems like there’s no tomorrow, from 10pm down in Spennos, with the Foam Cannon getting fired up from 12midnight AND a bonkers Pyrotechnic display later on, whey hey!

> ROOM TWO - We’ve got the lounge as our “Drying Off Zone” - plenty of chilled tunes, classy cocktails, some towels (you won’t get THAT wet) and some spare t-shirts to keep you FRESH!

> ROOM THREE - None other than Rick Baker jumps on the Atik decks from 11pm playing supermassive METAL and hardcore hits. 

> DON’T STOP / DON’T DROP!!! - We have a 4.30am license this night, so pace yourselves, enjoy yourself and party with us til daft o clock in the morning!

+++ Brand New AVM Tshirts onsale at the party, all new Fuel Can Cocktails and Moonshine Jars also in effect.

ANIMALS V MACHINES - Not Sorry for Party Rocking, but sorry for all the exclamation marks, since 2011. LOVE YOU XXX

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